Laos and Special traditional festival

Discover famous festival in Laos would be an interesting experience if you want to explore the beauty of Lao; furthermore, it also makes your tour become more meaningful.
Lao is known as a million elephant country, the country of great ideas, and also being the country of the festival.

1. That Luong Festival

Known as the country which Buddhism is considered as the  National Region. In Lao, almost months also have a festival.  In particular, the Luong Festival is a unique traditional festival which still remains Lao’s culture and is attracted the attention of Laos people throughout the country and people in the Northeastern provinces of Thailand as well as the international visitor.  The festival is taken place on the day of full moon in Buddhist month, lasted for a week and ended of the full moon. There are thousands of exhibit stores which are the product from agricultural, industrial and handicraft.

One of the main features of That Luong festival – a unique festival in Lao is the welcome Pha Sat Phong from Xi Muong pagoda to That Luong. Pha Sat Phong is an architectural model made by spongy material, surrounded by flowers made of brilliant yellow beeswax. The tip is 9 white lotus flowers, around the tower there are fringes of flowers or money meaning the same as the practice of burning houses, money … for the deceased of the Vietnamese.

That Luong Festival
When arriving in Luang Pang, the welcomer will carry the Pha Sat phong around That Luong three round before stopping at the altar hall and receiving the master in a form of respect, serious, respectful. According to custom, each family, village or group of people … can all together make a rice paddy.

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2. Bun Bangfai Rain praying Festival

May in Laos and Thailand is the month of the Bun Bangfai Festival – the traditional raincoat festival of Laos. Festivals are held on different days in different villages across the country and scattered throughout the month.
The rainy cannonball festival in Naxone village, Pakngum district, Vientiane (Laos) is considered a big festival compared to other villages in Naxone village, quite near the capital Vientiane (about 50km) should attract a large number of people in Vientiane. And neighboring areas to participate.

Bun Bangfai 
In the capital, Vientiane, the same traditional Lao festival was held. However, due to the urbanization process, houses were built up. City fears of fire and danger. The capital’s citizens, therefore, joined the artillery association in the vicinity

3. Water festival in Laos

The traditional water festival of Laos called Bunpimay festival usually takes place from April 13 to April 15 each year according to the Buddhist calendar. The festival is meant to bring coolness, prosperity to all things, warm and happy, pure purity of human life. On New Year’s Day, people often fall in water to pray for the whole year. Bunpimay Festival usually takes place in three days. The first day is also the last day of the old year, people clean up in their home and surround, prepare fragrant water and flowers. In the afternoon, people in the village gather in the temple to worship Buddha, pray, hear the monks preacher. People go to the temple to pray for health and happiness for the whole year. After that, the Buddha was taken to a private room for three days and opened the door so that everyone could enter the Buddha Bath. Aroma water after watering the Buddha statue will be brought back home to work on the blessing.

Water Festival

4. Khau Phan Sa pagoda festival in Laos

Lao is a country which considered Buddhism as their National religion, so all people participate in the Khau Phan Sa pagoda festival. Tourist, international visitor, or even some other religions living in Laos are still affected and joint the activities of this festival. This unique traditional Lao festival takes place over three months and ends in mid-November. Although there is taboos month, the activities of Lao society are normal. Everyone from the countryside to the city centered on this ceremony and made offerings to the temple. The purpose of sewing, safety, and health, the country is a good harvest. After this ceremony, people will abstain from marrying, not drunk; Monks do not move to other temples.

Pagoda festival

5. Boat racing festival in Laos – Boat Racing Festival

According to Lao perspective, after three months of vegetarianism, people have been dispelling all their troubles, to begin with the new days of life, this is the time of the boat race festival – the traditional special festival of people. Laos. The vegetarian celebration consists of three main activities: rituals (including candle-making and candle-lit procession around the pagoda), light boat dropping but important and most exciting is the boat race. Boat racing is just a chance to have fun and good luck. So these days agencies and offices are also off work for fun.

Boat racing festival
Before the holidays, people go to the temples in the city to perform the ceremony “Tac Bat”. The night before the boat race they gathered on the banks of the Mekong River to drop lights and boats down the river looking for happiness and good things. Traditional Lao boat racing festival is considered as a starting point for the entertainment, marriage, home …. of the Lao people. So it has great significance for people born and raised in the country of Elephants.

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