What’s hapenning around the world in this November


Splasing water festival in Cambodia or the Budapest Christmas fair are two of the most attractive events not to be missed in this november. Here are some interesting festivals for you.

>> Vietnam Lunar New Year Festival

That Luang Festival, Laos

That Luang Festival is the largest Buddhist festival of the year in Laos. This year, the festival is held in the city of Vientiane celebrating 40 years of Laos Independence day and 448 years That Luang tower.

Water Festival, Cambodia

The largest festival according to Khmer calendar in Cambodia, the splashing water festival is held on the full-moon day of November. On this occasion, the Cambodian  will be given 10 days off and everyone eagerly prepares for the festivity. At this time, boat racing events are held in large scales on Tonle Sap lake or sometimes, Mekong river (Phnom Penh). In the evening, people will witness the splendid fireworks show or wooden rafts scattered along the river. The water festival is considered an occasion of Thanksgiving to Mekong River which has brought land and food to local people.

Water Festival Cambodia via izlinks

Lantern Festival, Thailand

According to the official announcement, this year the festival was held from 6 to 7/11 depending on the region in Thailand. This is the second largest festival of the year and one of the oldest festivals in the country. During the festival, lanterns made of banana leaves will be dropped down the river as prayers for bad fortune will slip away. For couples, this occasion is a wish for long and happy life ever after.

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant venues with parades, art performances, and traditional music shows. In Chiang Mai, Khung Ming Lantern will be released and will light up the sky. Also in Tak, a chain of lanterns will be bundled together and released at the same time.

Elephant Festival, Thailand

Held on Saturday of the third week of November, the festival is an occasion for the elephants to show their strength as well as their ingenuity and intelligence through dance and games with humans. For Thai people, elephants are the most beloved animals. Therefore, on this occasion, they often treat their elephants with many delicious dishes such as sugar cane, watermelon, banana …

Shichi go san Festival, Japan

Also known as the Children’s Day, the Shichi go san Festival is held on November 15th every year. This is the time when the 3, 5 and 7-year-old babies in Japan are marking the important step in their growth. On these days, parents will buy their children 1000-year candy, a kind of candy that has a stick shape and wrapped in a plastic bag decorated with the image of cranes and turtles. These two traditional animals symbolize the longevity of life in Japan.

Carnival Festival – Germany

Although it is also a costume festival, the Carnival costumes in Germany are even more colorful, more humorous than Halloween. The Carnival is officially opened on November 11th and lasts all winter with a variety of exciting recreational activities. On these days, visitors are able to admire the colorful costumes performances with many bizarre images. Or you can choose yourself an optional outfit to dress up as funny characters and join the parade on the streets.

Elephant Festival via Flickr

Pirates Week, Cayman Island

This year, the piracy week began on Nov. 6 and ended Nov. 16 in the Cayman Islands. This is an opportunity to celebrate the traditional Cayman culture, music and craft. At this time, visitors can learn about the pirates of the Caribbean through the remains in caves, cemeteries or other fun activities.

Thanksgiving, America

The Thanksgiving brings farmer’s appreciate to God for giving them a good and healthy life and celebrates a harvest season. In the United States, Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. Meanwhile, in Canada, the holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Thanksgiving is one of important day to the Americans. This is an opportunity for families and friends to gather together. They will have dinner with a turkey and pumpkins. Besides, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the largest shopping day of the year in the United States, the Black Friday, in which many stores welcome customers with sale-off items for the holiday season.

Christmas Fair Budapest, Hungary

Although Christmas takes place in December, from November 27, the Christmas market in Budapest is held in Hungary. This is one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world. Handicraft stalls, sip traditional wines or go to specialty souvenir shops are some of the most interesting things you will find here.

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