Top tips for Lunar New Year holiday


Lunar New Year is the time you are relieved after a year of hard working, this is also the family to spend the same year. Lunar New Year 2018, your family had planned to go to Lunar New Year yet? If you are thinking about the tourist season early this year, please take a look at this article immediately.

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Should travel on tour or self-sufficient?


A self-sufficient tour seems less appropriate for families and children, instead renting private cars or traveling by airplanes, buses, trains will be more feasible.
The roads are always in rush hour and crowded in Tet holiday, scarce of tickets is very frequent, so you need to pay attention to book early in order not to miss anything.
+ Eating and drinking: At the beginning of the year, food service is not as busy as usual, bring some food is necessary to ensure health of all members, especially, during a self-sufficient travel.
+ Always book hotel / guesthouse before arrival to ensure safe rest, reasonable price.

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Lunar New Year is the time of blooming flowers, fresh air and especially busy. Choosing which place to travel during Tet depends entirely on your hobbies and your family.
Familiar venues and festivals often attract crowds at which the prices of services are certainly expensive and services are usually of poor quality due to over-exposure. So, choose the destination wisely, pretty peaceful to enjoy the full of Tet holiday.

Significant Notes

Some attractive places such as Sa Pa with white clouds and the rich color of the highland, Moc Chau with plum blossom forest and beautiful peach blossom, the warm weather of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, stunning sunrise on the mountain in Dalat picking  flowers to welcome spring, … Or, along with your loved ones go to welcome new spring in Southeast Asia, Japan, China or Europe.

Other problems

In Vietnam, before traveling for Tet 2018 you should also pay attention to visit relatives and neighbors before the journey. holiday New Year 2018 with up to. About luggage, you should bring enough to use and pay special attention to bring the jacket because the weather is usually cold even though you travel to the south of the country.

note: Carefully bring warm clothes when traveling on Tet

Lunar New Year is also very crowded in tourist destinations, be careful not to be stolen, pay attention to the others in your group,  only bring enough cash needed and take with the bank card, identity papers needed. Avoid carrying precious jewelry or too cumbersome luggage.

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  • Bring some basic medicines such as painkillers, headaches, abdominal pain and medical dressings in case of emergency along the way.
  • Trains will be crowded during the period of Spring Festival, so try to avoid traveling by rail if at all possible.
  • Arrange your itinerary beforehand, and make reservations for flights and hotels in advance.
  • Collect as much information on Vietnamese New Year celebrations in the city you are going to stay, such as firework shows, temple fairs and other celebrative activities for the locals.
  • Learn enough about cultures of Vietnamese New Year, and get familiar about what the locals will do during the festival.
  • The New Year usually comes on the coldest days of the year in Vietnam, so tourists are advised to bring enough warm clothes.
  • Vietnamese people prepare a lot of luxurious and delicious food during Spring Festival, what they eat is rich in calorie, and people may get sick by having too much Chinese New Year food. It’d better to try to have a good control of the temptation of the delicacies.
  • Watch airline sales: If you’re the spontaneous type, take advantage of airline sales by signing up for email notifications. Airlines like Jetstar Vietnam often have big sales where they practically give flights away. The sales may be for last-minute flights, but don’t be fooled into thinking that every trip needs to be planned way in advance. If you have a free weekend or some extra vacation days, just throw your stuff in a carry-on and in a few hours, you could be at the beach or on the slopes.

Wishing you and your family a meaningful and great Lunar New Year!

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