The unique culture of Lao people


Explore Laos culture and people to better understand the lifestyle and culture of the Lao people through the article below! Laos is also known as the country of Million Elephants or Champa country, it is the brother of Vietnam. Talking about cultural traditions, Laos, and the two countries in Indochina, Vietnam and Cambodia, have plenty of similarities. The Lao people have many good customs formed during the history.

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1. Culture of Laos cuisine

Lao cuisine is similar in style to neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Thailand: spicy, sour and sweet. However, the cuisine has its own distinctive style. The unique of the Lao people is reflected in the culinary culture. Lao people mainly eat rice for daily meal; The dishes are characterized by hot spices such as ginger, tamarind, lemongrass, and a lot of hot chillies. Laotian creative chief has made dozens of dishes from chillies alone: Crispy fried chillies, chilli salted with vinegar, satay chilli sauce, freeze chili. Laotian typical dish is a mixture of spicy and sweet, neutralizing with a lot of herb.

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2. Festival culture in Laos

Laos is the country of the festival, every month is featured by an event. Each year there are four New Year celebrations: Western New Year, Lunar New Year (as in some East Asian countries), Khmer New Year (Bun PiMay in April) and H’mong New Year (December). Because Buddhism in Laos has long developed into a national religion, astrologers use the date according to Buddhism calendar, so the new year usually begins in April.  All the activities are prepared according to religious traditions, in accordance with Lao customs and habits. The unique culture of Laotian people is reflected in the festive days, besides, they also prepare food, drinks more than ordinary days, especially, wine. On New Year’s Day, the villagers dress up the most beautiful clothes. Boys and girls hanging out with colorful dresses, gathering at the temple grounds for a Buddha bathing ceremony.

3. Cultural art in Laos

Lao people enjoy dancing especially, traditional folk songs. Not only in the festivals, folk games … Lao people also sing on rice fields, in the forests, on the rivers. Lao folk songs are rich, rich in tone, bearing the country soul. They are widely popular among people from rural to urban. Lao folk songs have many kinds, such as lăm, khap, xong, kap, ăn-nang-xu… Each type has its own nuance of each region, each ethnic group, each locality. “Lăm” uses mostly poetries as its lyrics and is the most popular music in the country. Laos’s unique culture and art is reflected in dances which widely spread from urban to rural. During festive days in Laos, there is a lot of activities, and dancing is indispensable. some dances need two people to take part in, while others need a dozen of people to join such as Lam-vong. The Lao dance is often flexible, rhythmic, liberal, …

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4. Traditional costume

It has long been known that the people have the ability to self-sufficient blankets and fabrics. When there was no dye technique, Lao people used forest fruits and roots as dying color. The girls like to wear flowers pattern cloth, the color is bold, fresh as grass and flowers in the wild mountains. Lao youths usually cut their hair short, wear short sleeves, wrapped the body in a scarf called “fa salong”.

When working in the fields, men wear shorts or trousers dyed in indigo color. The unique costume of the Laotian people is also displayed on festive days, while men dress in traditional costumes. It is a round-neck shirt, fabric buttons, hook to the left. Outside the simple short pants, the Lao boys wrapped in a long scarf called “Sinh” colorful (wider than the Salong)


Traditional costume is often worn in important occasion or ceremony and in many rural areas, you will easily catch a glimpse of children wearing “skirts” to school. Otherwise, “salong” is various in colors and depends on their occasions such as wedding or funeral.

Wedding: Wedding ceremony in Laos is an important occasion. The groom and the bride will wear the traditional costumes with bright color and gold details, which represents the propensity. The richer the family is, the more sophisticating the clothes are.

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