The traditional foods in Vietnamese Lunar New Year


Lunar New Year is the beginning of a new year and is a beautiful tradition of the Vietnamese. Spring is the time for everyone gathered together meeting their family and friends, welcoming the spring. No matter rich or poor, preparing a Tet holiday with many delicious and special dishes that are not usually available is very important. These dishes is to worship ancestors with the hope that they who have passed away but still watch and protect the whole family in silence will keep the work in new year and bless children with happiness, luck, and health.

Traditional dishes are not only diverse in terms of types but also in the color, flavor, ingredients of the dish. Here is a list of dispensable foods in Vietnamese Lunar New Year and some recipes to make the. 

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Banh chung – square cake

Banh Chung is the soul of the New Year and is a kind of cake with a long history in the culinary culture of Vietnam. Cake made from glutinous rice, green peas, pork and wrapped in square with the green leaves then boiled for 14 hours until cooked. The cake is limber, aromatic fragrance of glutinous rice and green leaf.

Spring roll

Besides a square cake, a dish is also incomplete without spring roll a specialty since the ancient time. There are two types of spring roll are Lean pork paste and mixed fried roll.

The spring roll, is made from finely chopped meat with delicious fish sauce and then wrapped in green banana leaves and then boiled or steamed. When chopped into chunks, the pancakes are smooth white, some small holes on the surface of the spring. Use pork sausages to make pork sausages, or you can use beef.

Mixed fried roll is made from pig’s head meat, ear mushroom, shiitake mushroom, pepper,… then wrapped in banana leaves by a mold, finally slowly boiled for hours.

Square Cake via wikipedia

Jelly meat

Jelly meat is a traditional dishes of the North Vietnam, a typical dish only exists in the winter Because the colder it is the more delicouse it tastes. Jelly meat is made from pork and chicken meat, slowly cooked in many hours, then leaved under the cold of the winter. In the modern time, people no longer need the ancient methid, instead, they put the meat in a fridge. When the meat is frezed into jelly, there is a layer of white frosty as snow.

Living in a culture of wet rice civilization, Vietnamese has a deep connection with nature and to them, besides the buffalo, chicken is one of the six most familiar animals

Cocks using for Tet need to meet the strict demands such as: crests must be bright red, feather is smooth, and legs are small – signs of a strong cock. The cock is boiled with some ingredients such as gingers, lemon leaves, onion,…After being boiled, the cock holding a rose in its beaks will be respectfully displayed on the family’s altar. In some families, people trim a carrot into a flower to replace the rose, whether it is a rose or a trimmed carrot, it shows the Vietnamese’s yin-yang concept, as the flower demonstrates the yin (female).

Cooking Recipes

Below is some recipes for traditional foods in Vietnamese lunar new year

Enoki mushroom wrapping with beef


Beef, bacon (cool), enoki mushroomSpices include: salt, pepper, cooking oil, mustard, beef sauce.

How to make it:

– Beef loin gradually thin, salted, pepper, beef flour then wrapping enoki mushroom in roll.
– wrapping  beef with bacon, cooked with pan, laid out on plate. Beat the beef sauce and yellow mustard sauce on top.

Beef wrapping enoki mushroom via Youtube 

Grilled chicken legs


Chicken legs, kohlrabi, carrots, cauliflower, herbs, vietnamese mint, butter, square cake

Spices include: salt, pepper, chicken powder, aromatic leaves, garlic, ketchup, yellow mustard, apple juice, cocacola, chili sauce, BBQ sauce.

How to make it

– chicken thighs marinated salt, pepper, chicken powder, fragrant leaves then grilled.
– kohlrabi and carrots slice thin, caulli flower fried with butter, garlic. Square cake frizzle by pan. Put all on the plate.
– How to make a sauce: For ketchup, Worcetershire sauce, yellow mustard, apple juice, BBQ sauce, a little coconut water, chili sauce, then seasoning.

Fried Fish


Fish (optional types), flour, eggs, taro, bacon, onion, pepper, salt, seafood, white wine, cooking oil, vegetables, butter, garlic.

How to make it

– Fish marinated with pepper, salt, seafood fried flour, white wine. Fish is rolled over the flour with egg yolk and fried flour then fried . Grate the mashed taro with bacon and minced onion, then roll over the flour and enjoy
– How to make a sauce: make mayonaire sauce then mixed with the tomato sauce, chilli sauce, finally seasoning.

– Fried vegetables with garlic butter.

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