The 6 most ideal destinations for an end-year-trip in Vietnam


At some tourist destinations, when a year comes to the end, the natural scene transforms and puts on colorful clothes that fascinate visitors. Let’s look at our list of ideal destinations for a year-end trip with your friends.

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1. Sapa

When the October comes, Sapa – the famous tourist destination in Lao Cai, visitors will be able to enjoy a spectacular view across the hillside, the terraced fields simultaneously become blazing, shimmering under the sunshine. At this time, Sapa is the most beautiful princess, especially looking from above the panorama of the vast Sapa will amaze you…

From November to December, when you come to Sapa, you will feel the real cold of the land at an altitude of 1600m and if you are lucky enough you can have the opportunity to admire the beautiful snow falling which once in blue moon happens in a tropical county like Vietnam.

How to get there:

To travel to Sapa from Hanoi you can choose Hanoi – Lao Cai train for 350,000-450,000/ticket or Coach for 150,000 – 180,000 VND / ticket, then take the bus to Sapa for 50,000. If you want to experience the beauty of the road to Sapa, you will need a really nice motorcycle, and because the mountain road is quite dangerous so you’d better go in a group. If you depart from Saigon, you have to move to Hanoi before moving to Sapa, the fastest way the airplane. Another choice is the Saigon – Hanoi train. It’s called United Railway train or North-south train (750,000 – 1,500,000 / person), or if you are patient enough you can take a coach (550,000 / person). The most noteworthy tourist attractions in Sapa are Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa Old Church, Cat Cat Village, Muong Hoa Valley, Heaven Gate, Sapa Market.

The northwest via

2. The Mekong Delta

The water season (the flood season but water slowly raises and not doesn’t damage people’s life instead, it enriches the soil). Starts from September to December, in the Mekong Delta, you not only admire the scenic beauty of the water season but also have the opportunity to learn about the life of the inhabitants living by the Mekong River or enjoy attractive specialties such as grilled or steamed fish, grilled vole …

Some attractive destinations are the Tra Su Melaleuca forest with the famous “waterway” covered by the carpet of green dust; Bung Binh Thien lake; or you can choose to go to Tram Chim National Park in Dong Thap where you will admire the beauty of the rich eco-system of animal and plant.

How to get there

You can travel to the Mekong Delta country in two means of transport: airplane and car: if traveling by plane, the Mekong Delta has the two largest airports. You can also take a coach from the West Terminal Station.
Attractions that you cannot miss
• Ben Tre: kingdom of coconut,
• An Giang: It is also known as land of Seven Mount, most famous is the Sam Mount (Ba Chua Xu Temple), Cam Mount (placing the largest Buddha statue in Asia)

Moc Chau via

3. The North West

Northwest in the autumn, you will be overwhelmed by the brilliant beauty of the golden rice terraces spreading over the hillsides and scatter on the fields are Mong, Dao farmers in their colorful costumes.

In October, when terraced fields have been harvested, all over the northern mountains will be covered with violet buckwheats, especially in Ha Giang province. Buckwheat flower season is most well-known and most brilliant in Ha Giang. That is what has put this province on the map.

Within a month, the fields are full of white flower in blossoms, then turning to pink, purple, and finally dark red. The end of November is also the end of buckwheat flower season, you will see the paradise of white mustard blooming everywhere in Moc Chau, together with flowers, you can also admire other flowers such as flower tea, apricot blossoms, and wild daisy… NorthWest, at the end of the year is really the ideal tourist destination for anyone who loves traveling.

For those who choose to self-sufficient travel, first, determine the means of transportation, the fastest way is to hunt killer-deal air tickets to Hanoi, then move to the location on the schedule by train,  coach or motorcycle (this is the most fun way). The hotel is generally recommended to book a few days in advance, the average room price is relatively cheap from 200,000 to 300,000. In addition, you can choose a more interesting form is homestay so that you will have more experience of ethnic minority life here and it is also safe.

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