Laos culinary art and drinks


The culinary culture of a country is not only about typical dishes, specialty but the country is also characterized by different beverages, bringing their own culture and style. Laos is no exception, the drinks here are very special and somehow, strange to tourists when traveling to Laos.

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The most popular drinks used by Laotian people during the whole week, including the New Year’s Day and also in the banquets for Lao are LauLao, Fanthong, NamSa (a kind of tea, mild tea), coffee, coconut juice …


Laulao is a mild wine made from fermented sticky rice, drink with lemon and soft drink. Fanthong Laulao is a drink similar to tube wine of the Vietnamese. Lao liquor is easy to drink, it is hard to describe, but it does not cause headaches. According to the custom, in festive parties, some people drink Laulao at the same time with long tubes of alcohol from a porcelain vase.

Grilled coconut

However, the most famous drink that must mention when it comes to Lao cuisine, it is grilled coconut. Coconut is baked just medium, then peeled and chilled. The coconut milk is sweet and aromatic taste, coconut milk makes the taste quite special, without any drink can be compared. Coconut water is also found in almost all of the drinks. Lao people have a habit of mixing coconut milk with other drinks to create a sweet taste for drinks.

Laos hot pot via Youtube

Laos coffee

Lao coffee is excellent, mostly grown from the fertile Bolovens plateau in southern Laos. Lao people like to drink savory and sweet coffee, so that people often add sugar and condensed milk to coffee. Coffee is often mixed in a glass cup, drink with a cup of Nam Sa – a kind of Chinese mild tea. Nam Sa is a widely used in drinking culture, used all the time, everywhere in Laos.

Laos beer

Laos also has its own brand of beer, as in Vietnam, Laos beer is easy to drink and can be found in almost every eateries or restaurants across the country.

Laos culinary art

Bamboo tube rice

Bamboo tube rice is a typical rice of Laos and some ethnic minorities in the North West, and Central Highlands Vietnam. This specialty is made from rice, which is highly regarded Lao food, especially glutinous rice. Put the rice into an open bamboo stick, then use the banana leaf to seal and then grilled on fire. The bamboo tubes used to cook the rice must be fresh, not too young nor too old for rice to medium ripen, rice grain mix sweeter and taste characteristics of bamboo. Bamboo rice is often served with grilled chicken or pork. However, it is best to eat with sesame salty. Bamboo tube rice is very popular with Lao people.

Bamboo tube rice via

Food from insects

Like the Cambodian and Thai, Laotians also like dishes made from insects. From rice crisps, egg ants, to toe-biters, spiders… Laos people can turn them into fried foods, stir fried with peanuts to steamed rice or pickled vinegar which are very delicious. Toe-biters – a useful insect living in the Cambodian rice field imported by the Lao people for a very expensive price is the most popular insect with spicy aroma. The dishes of the insect are very rich in protein, Lao people process them in variety of ways, attractive and fancy just like the taste of it.

Grilled dishes

Laotians especially like to eat grilled foods, they think all foods can be cooked by grilling. Grilled food are made  from meat, fish or vegetables and spices… Bamboo-tube rice is also a dish prepared in this form. There are many ways to grill from direct food on fire or buried in charcoal to electric pan. But Lao people still like to bake food by inserting into pipe or tube to create a delicious flavor as well as the country’s very own color.


Sindad is a special dish of Lao people, the perfect combination between grilled and hot pot thanks to the special design of the cooking pots. In the middle of the pot is a round griddle, around the griddle is hot pot soup so that  depending on the preferences of each person, they are able to enjoy the hot pot and  enjoy the flavor of the grill food at the same time. Sindad is very rich in ingredients, from meats to vegetables and fruits so that visitors have variety of choices to choose from. This is also considered one of the best dishes in Laos.

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