Important tips when traveling Vietnam


Your great holiday in Vietnam will probably not be complete if you ignore the experience we share below. No matter where you come from, there is some unavoidable situation and what you should do is preparing for it in advance.

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Emergency number

What numbers you need:

The local hotline, when traveling you may get stuck in touristy scams that greedy guys attempting to part you and your money. In that case what you need to do is calling for the local tourist hotline, local police, hotels where you are accommodating. Always keep the weather eyes open, watch out the thief, kidnapping, robbery,…

Some emergency number in Vietnam

113: Vietnam Rapid reaction police force
114: firefighter and rescuing force
115: Medical emergency
1800 1567: report Violence against children, women and family violence

Buy SIM card in Vietnam

When arriving at the airport, you should buy a Vietnamese sim card for convenient contact with people. Sim and phone cards are sold in many stores in Vietnam.

Vietnamese currency via youtube

Carefully check the face value of the money

The exchange rate is 1$ = 21,800. Remember this exact number to exchange and save your money. On the other hand, the face value of Vietnam is quite diverse, some denominations look quite the same so you possibly confused in distinguishing them.  For example, the 20.000 note looks quite similar to 500.000

Tip for you is remembering the color of each note, carefully check face value of each note before spending. 

Carrying a map or using smartphone

The Vietnamese administrative map with detail information about routes, gas station, bus station,… is indispensable in your luggage. More carefully, you should use a marker mark each destination in your journey, draw a line (or many lines) mark your routes to make sure you are on the right way.

Prepare for the bad weather

Vietnam is a sub-tropical country, in the summer the nation is like a heater you should dress in suitable clothes such as T-shirt, sunglass, dresses, flip-flop,…vice verse, winter in the North of Vietnam is kind of cold and frosty, your best partner will be a thick coat.

Be careful with dirty Taxi

In Vietnam dirty taxi is quite popular, it is the kind of taxi that doesn’t register, not under any administration. It is available in coach stations, airport, train station and will take you a lot of fees as the drivers drive around to steal your money.

Tips: ask the receptionists for help you calling a taxi would save your wallet.

Too expensive goods

Many tourists, when coming to Vietnam especially, Ho Chi Minh city, become “prey” of fraudsters, mugging, or retailers who force others to buy goods at an extremely expensive price. If you do not want to be a victim of them, you should deny straightly to vendors, retailers, and especially, shoeshiners.

Hot weather in Vietnam via Youtube 

10 things you should not carry when traveling

Some toiletries

You should only carry some essential items such as shampoo, conditioner, cleanser in plastic bottles under 100 ml. If you have to travel by airplane, leave large bottles at home to reduce your weight loss. Moreover, you’d better search for specific consultation on the network to see how much liquid is allowed to carry with baggage.

Unnecessary books

Even the lightest books can increase the weight of your luggage and occupy quite a lot of precious space. You only need to bring a book and when you have finished reading, join a small talk to your fellow travelers in the common room. Many hotels and motels in Vietnam have their own library for you to pick up and exchange books. However, the best choice is pausing this hobby even on mobile devices.

Unsuitable dress

Of course, you need your clothes, but you’d better choose them carefully. Try out every costume before you take it to make sure everything fits and makes you happy. When you are in hurry you may take a new dress, a new cowboy hat instead of a t-shirt, or a pair of flip-flop then you realize that they are not suitable and cost a lot of space. A tropical country definitely is not a destination for a fur coat.

Favorite food and drink

If you want to save your budget on meals, why don’t you just carry your own baguette or other favorite foods? It is a good decision. However, remember you are on the road to travel. Enjoy the change, stay comfortable as you are home, but forget about your old habit, lean on and feel your soul. You’ll never know, what surprises are waiting for you on the way.

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