Ideal destinations to consider for your year-end holidays


With all the festivities going on, there is really no better time to travel than the last few months of the year. Aside from all the exciting activities to do such as spending a white Christmas in Korea or Japan, you also get to enjoy the cool temperature climates in certain countries during winter. Yes, that means you get to escape the humid weather in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand…

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Vietnam is located in the eastern Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Having a tropical climate, Vietnam is well known for from magnificent scenery and colorful hill tribes to wide terraced fields in Red River Delta and Mekong River Delta, to majestic mountains, and white sandy beaches. Vietnam, nowadays, is one of the should-not-miss destinations in Asia.

As being a nation of 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam absolutely has a colorful culture with various traditional customs and cultural identity. Vietnamese culture affects much by main religions as Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, and Cao Dai

Vietnam has an abundance of festivals and events especially at the end of the year. You can witness them when traveling around this country. Visiting Vietnam during this occasion is an interesting experience for travelers.

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Unlike other world-famous sightseeing places, lively festivals and shopping discounts at the end of the year are the highlights that make Thai tourism so attractive to international travelers. Around November, visitors to Thailand will be able to attend one of the most beautiful and vibrant Thai festivals, Loy Krathong Festival, where visitors can not only admire the spectacular scenery of thousand lanterns released to the sky but drop their own lanterns to the river. Those lanterns lighting up and bring all the wishes to heave.

Especially doubted as one of the “shopping paradises” in Asia, visitors also have the opportunity to hunt for favorite items at extremely attractive prices for the year-end discount campaign at shopping centers or malls …

How to get there

To travel to Thailand, you can easily hunt for cheap flight tickets to Bangkok offered by Thai Airways or take a cheap tour package to Thailand that promises hot attractions. With over 3000 hotels from budget to luxury, Bangkok is truly a vacation paradise for travelers, and depending on your trip you can choose a good, Convenient hotel. For those who love shopping, the hotel in the two streets Sukkhumvit or Siam Square area the most ideal.

In addition to popular transportation such as bus, subway, and taxi, BTS is suitable for tourists and local people because it is convenient, cheap, fast and easy to access to shopping destinations in Thailand.

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The beautiful island of Singapore is always an attractive invitation for those who love to travel around the world, but for those who love shopping and travel together, Singapore at the end of the year is the best choice. This is time for a series of shopping malls promotions and large shopping centers hold their annual sale off campaign. Come to Singapore you can choose luxury items with 30-60% discount, some items are up to 90% discount. It’s a great time to set yourself up for a great Singapore trip to see the beautiful scenery, savor culinary from all over the world, and have the pleasure of shopping

How to get there

Singapore’s peak tourist season falls between December and June, so to get the best fare, you can arrange for a low-season Singapore tour from August to October, Tiger Airways usually opens for sale.

Hotels in Singapore are quite expensive, but you can still save your budget by choosing hostel and standard hotels, don’t worry about the quality because it is still ok no matter how much it is.

Kuala Lumpur

Named as the most attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia with breathtaking natural scenery with stretched beaches, tropical forests … Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia is also considered one of the most attractive shopping paradise in Asia with huge sale offs takes place at various stages of the year. According to many people, the shopping season in Malaysia is more attractive than that in Singapore and Thailand. In addition to the sale-off campaigns, Kuala Lumpur at the end of the year is home to attractive festivals calling for a large number of visitors from all over the world. A trip to Kuala Lumpur in the last months of the year will be the ideal choice for you.

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