Huong Pagoda Festival of Vietnam

Huong Pagoda Festival
Huong Pagoda Festival

Honoring: The Budda Thich Ca, Avalokiteśvara

Worship Nature and Ancestors.

Location: Huong Son Commune, My Duc Dist., Ha Tay Province.

Time: Since 6th- first lunar month -15th – third lunar month, Main Festival in 15th-20th –second lunar month.

Feature: A 3-km-length complex of artificial and natural architect, a famous landscape of Vietnam.

Specialties: Sang Vegetable and Huong Tich apricot.

Every spring is welcomed with the Huong Pagoda festival to be directed as a magic land where is nursing lots of goods and favor to be delivered to whom have come and visit.

“This immense area with wonderful features
Makes one wonder whether it is fairyland
Huong Son itself is fairyland
Which is seen in this earthly world”

Not like any pagoda, Huong pagoda is a collection of cavern, pagoda in a mixed artificial and natural architect in a vast space. Visitor can come to Huong pagoda by road or by river. The arrangement in this complex is divided into three sections which directs in three orients begun from Duc river port: Huong Tich Route, Tuyet Son Route, and Long Van Route.

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Huong Tich Route: Visitors come here firstly and always have to come to Huong Tich carve, because the main purpose of this journey is for religious belief, to take pleasure of sightseeing.

Ngu Nhac mountain
Ngu Nhac mountain

Being on the boat along the Yen River, visitor comes to Trinh Temple beside the Ngu Nhac mountain to “report” then “bid farewell” to Buddha. After the first stop, people come along the river to witness the beauty of mountains. Veo mountain, Phong Su, Two Cats raising Mouse, etc. Continue to visit some pagodas along the pathway to Huong Tich Carve – the end of the journey and the begin of offerings.

Tuyet Son Route: The boat also starts from Yen port to come through Thuyen Rong (Dragon Boat) mountain, Con Phuong (Phoenix bird), until the final step of Tuyet Son pagoda (Ngoc Long carve)

Tuyet Son pagoda
Tuyet Son pagoda

Long Van Route: The same route is made until the Trinh Temple, the boat turns to Long Van carve. Next step is Cay Khe (Star Fruit) Pagoda and especially the archaeological site Sung Sam Carve. There are some relics to be found in inside this carve.

Festival in Pagoda

Annually, Huong Pagoda starts the festival since 15th – first lunar month to 15th – third lunar month, however, from 6th of first lunar month, the organizing board has opened the route to welcome first tour group in the year.

Ceremony of forest opening

Trinh temple
Trinh temple

The ceremony is often made in the Trinh temple, because this is the unlucky land, there is often tiger to come. Therefore, the Trinh temple is honoring the God of Tiger. The opening of Forest is also the opening of the series of pagoda. Coming to the pagoda, visitors are not only able to show their respect to the Budha but also have chance to bring home the speciality of Huong Son: apricot to have the refreshment in the summer and Sang vegetable for a sweet soup.


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