Hoi An – the most romantic city in the world


If one day you visit the world cultural heritage Hoi An and don’t know what to do. Please refer to the suggestions below for a deeper feeling of life and people here.

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1. Walk along the Old Quarter at night

A simple experience, you just step outside the street and watch the old houses, lantern street full of color. You will find yourself at the gala of light, a picture that combines the silence of ancient architecture with the scent of folk and the simmering of modern life. Perhaps the most beautiful is still along the Hoai River, where colors glitter on the water.

2. Release the flower lights

In the full-moon evening, besides just watching, you can immerse yourself in the light party on the river. An interesting experience that many tourists would love to do is releasing Flower garlands on Hoai River. It is your hand that will drop the tiny lights sparkling into the river, hoping the lights will bring good luck to family and relatives.

3. Enjoy Cao Lau

Cao Lau is a specialty dish that anyone coming to Hoi An should try. The origin of the name is very interesting date back to the 18th-century traders came to Hoi An, they had to eat this dish on the “high tower”, and look over the town. That’s how the name Cao Lau formed. A bowl of high-quality Cao Lau is enough feeling of noodles, full of sour, spicy, chattel, sweet of vegetables, aroma of fish sauce, aromatic, soy sauce, gravy … and crunchy. You can find this mouth-watering food at Ba Be restaurant located in the market right at the beginning of Tran Phu Street, the first street 69 Phan Chau Chinh…

Hoi An at night via Vietnam Travel Guide

4. The best bread

Not long ago, David Farley, the BBC correspondent for travel and food, commented that “the most wonderful bread in Vietnam” in “Is Vietnamese bread the best? “after eating a total of 15 different loaves of bread in various eateries throughout Vietnam and one of them is Hoi An bread. Indeed, in Hoi An there are bakeries that are very popular with foreign visitors, such as Phuong (Phan Chau Trinh), Madam Khanh (Tran Cao Van), and Lanh (Canh Dai) bread. Hoi An bread with pork, pate, cucumber, herbs and meat sauce is very delicious, attractive.

5. Take a boat trip on the Hoai River at night

Take a boat to admire a corner of the Old Town at night and drop flowers garlands to the river is very popular to couples when in Hoi An, especially those who come to Hoi An to capture the wedding. However, if you do not have a romantic partner, you can still go with your family and friends.

6. Sea bathing

Hoi An has famous beaches in the world by white sand, clear water and sunshine. Cua Dai beach with endless white sand, coconut trees, and clear sea, but unfortunately Cua Dai has been eroded in mid-October 2014 it is now in recovery. However, Hoi An also has one of the top 50 beaches in the planet – An Bang beach, is suitable for those seeking free, quiet space. You will free your soul at a beach without umbrellas, tables, and chairs, only the waves, clear water, sunshine, reading a book, enjoy a glass of wine or drink a few cold beer … a unique experience in Hoi An town.

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7. Find old houses

The ancient houses are the priceless heritage that Hoi An saved at any price, even in the war, urbanization and the destruction of nature. Most notably known as the Tan Ky ancient house, the first house to be recognized as a national monument in Hoi An and also the place has welcomed many international leaders. Besides Tan Ky, Phung Hung’s ancient houses, Quan Thang … or Fujian and Cantonese congregations … bearing unique Chinese architecture was built by Chinese traders to commemorate their homeland.

8. Take a photo in Hoi An

The BuzzFeed Travel website ranked Hoi An as third place in the list of the best selfie photography locations in the world. So come to Hoi An, do not forget to take a selfie with famous landmarks such as Nhat bridge, An Hoi bridge, legendary wall in Hoang Van Thu, alley, Hoai river bank

9. Buy a lantern as a souvenir

If you come to Hoi An on the day of the full moon festival (14th day of the lunar calendar), you are truly a lucky person. On this day, Hoi An ancient town turned off the electric lights and hung up the brilliant lanterns, drop flower garlands to the river. It is a great space for those who love the quiet beauty of Hoi An ancient town. Besides the full moon day, you can go to Hoi An on other special days such as Thien Hau, Vu Lan, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year … to be immersed in the unique beauty of the land.

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