Common questions about Da Nang, Vietnam


Da Nang has always been famous for super nice beaches, the best place to see sunrise in Vietnam, giant bridges, delicious food, and warm-hearted people, various attractions and continuous development, the city has been attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists. Together we will answer the most common questions for a trip to Da nang.

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Best time to travel Da nang

This is the where subtropical climate in the North and the tropical climate South of Vietnam go transition to the predominant tropical climate in the South. There are two distinct seasons each year: the rainy season which lasts from August to December and the dry season from January to July. There are occasional cold ải in winter but not deep and not long. The best time to visit Da Nang is from March to July.

How to get there?

Vietnam airline, Vietjet Air, Jetstar are 3 airline carriers offering daily flights to DaNang from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. If you want to hunt killer-deals tickets, please register as a member of the above airline’s carriers so that you can receive the promotion as soon as it is available. In addition, you can go to Da Nang by train, high-class coach such as Phuong Trang, Sinh Cafe, Mai Linh …

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Wandering around Da Nang?

Dang is small so that a motorcycle will be the best choice for you, the rent of motorcycles ranges from 200,000 VND / day. Depending on where you are, you can choose motorbike at a proper price.

Where to put your head down

Da nang has countless resorts, hotels for you to choose. If you are in the middle-income group and above, so the coastal resorts such as InterContinental, Fusion Maia, Furama, Hyatt, Crown Plaza, Life Style, Ocean Villas … or luxury hotels in the city such as Novotel, Mercure, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Plaza may be suitable for you since accommodation cost in this city is relatively low. 

If you are a penny-pinching backpacker, you can choose over dozens of mini-hotels located by the sea or the Han River’s bank such as Bach Dang, Tran Hung Dao. You can also book cheap rooms and dooms in Tran Phu, Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Yen Bai, Dong Da, Hung Vuong, Le Duan …

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What to eat in Da Nang?

The specialty of Da nang is countless of noodle types such as Quang noodles, fish noodle, barbecue noodles, beef noodles, rice cakes, rolls pork rolls, filter cake, pancakes, bread, shrimp cake, porridge… Additionally, all types of fish sauce in Da Nang are so delicious that makes you mouth-watering, for instance, seasoned fish sauce, traditional fish sauce, sour shrimp sauce…

Enjoy the famous street cafe such as Long cafe, cafe Street, cafe 09 Trieu Nu Vuong, drinking coconut water, sugar cane juice on Bach Dang road and watching sunset over the Han River. Fish noodle is also a highlight of Da nang, it is served with raw vegetables, such as salads, basil, cinnamon, bean sprouts. In particular, indispensable for the noodle dish is chili peppers and onions soaked in vinegar. The sweet and sour taste of the green opinion combined with the spicy taste of garlic peppers make the noodle unforgettable.

Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo or sliced pork rolled with rice paper is one of Da Nang specialties. It is a combination of fresh ingredients such as belly pork, fresh vegetables, slices of cucumber and green bananas. All things are wrapped in soft rice paper and eaten with dipping sauce. This dish is famous because of carefully selected ingredients, which makes perfect taste.

What souvenir to pick up?

The answer is buy dry sesame Cam Le. In addition, Ba De, My Khe seaweed, Nam O fish sauce, one-sun squid, dried squid, dried shrimp, dried fish are some other specialties that you should not forget to buy as gifts to friends and relatives. Guests can easily buy these specialties at Han Market. There are many types to choose from. Or the Centre supermarket is one of the convenient supermarket for visitors to find meaningful gifts for friends and relatives after the trip to Da Nang.

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