A strange Siemreap that you may have never seen


When it comes to the Kingdom of Pagoda Tower, everyone often think about the magnificent Angkor Wat temple, the symbol of the talented Khmer. Therefore, the number of visitors visiting this place is increasingly day by day. The destination is familiar but there are more to surprise visitors when come to Kingdom of Cambodia.

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English skill

The ability to speak English of local people is what makes visitors surprised the most when traveling to Cambodia. You will not be afraid to lose your way while traveling because you can ask anyone. Even the drivers or retailers can communicate very fluently English.

Travel magazines are free

At the hotel, entertainment center or shopping districts, travel magazines are offered for free. Especially, the periodical magazines about Angkor in Siem Reap. Guests should ask for them as many as possible because the pictures are very nice, useful information about travel is written in English. In other countries in Southeast Asia, you will not find these kinds of magazines free except for simple catalogs.

Tuk-tuk via smpd

No taxis on the road

No taxi is one of the very first things that surprise visitors the most when traveling to Cambodia. Instead, the popular vehicle is tuk tuk.

Loads of insect dishes

Spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, … are all Cambodian favorite dishes. However, foreign tourists are afraid of these dishes if they are unfamiliar. You will find people here eat black spiders black or crispy like they are kind of their daily meal. Tourists should try because of the nice taste, not too frightening as the appearance.

All kinds of currency are accepted

Although the official currency of Cambodia is the Riel, visitors can pay either Riel or US dollars. Even in areas where there are many Vietnamese live, you can purchase and pay in Vietnamese currency. The seller is willing to accept.

All constructs in Siem Reap is lower than Angkor Wat

When visiting Siem Reap, visitors will find that their houses are always lower than the height of Angkor Wat. That is the unspoken rules here, avoid “insult” the temple – where the gods live. Angkor Wat is also a cultural symbol – the famous attract of the temple tower country.

Noon night market via journey within

Angkor Night Market

One of the most popular shopping spots in Siem Reap is Angkor Night Market. Established in 2007, the purpose of opening this market is to preserve traditional handicrafts of the Khmer as well as improve the lives of local people. Initially, there were only 100 booths and over 300 kiosks were designed in the traditional way. All made of natural materials such as bamboo and wood.

Khmer ceramics center

Located along the road to famous Angkor Wat temple is the center of Khmer ceramics. This place will give visitors an insight into the art of making pottery as Khmer people flourished in the early 9th to 15th century. Inside exhibit many products such as vases, pots, oil burners …

Noon night market

Besides the famous Angkor Night Market, many tourists visit Siem Riep because of the Noon night market. The market also sells a variety of souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, accessories, … In addition, tourists can enjoy many interesting snacks of Cambodian, including jellyfish, grilled fish,…

Fish pedicure

Ever wanted to have small fish nibble and suck the dead skin off your feet? This dream can be realized at one of the many fish spas in Siem Reap. I personally was not a fan and by that I mean I squirmed, cringed and laughed hysterically the entire time. It doesn’t hurt, just the weirdest tickling sensation that I can’t even describe yet something you should still experience at least once.

Tarantula wine

Before you freak out, no, it is not liquor made from tarantulas. It’s really a home-made jar of rice wine filled with probably close to 30 tarantulas chilling inside. So it’s really more of a spider-infused alcoholic beverage. Totally innocent!. Have a local pour you a shot (tarantulas stay in the jar, don’t worry) and reminisce about that time you ate an actual tarantula.

Fried tarantula or “Spiderville”

There are many creepy crawlies to choose from, spiders being the most memorable. If you’re up for it, play with some live tarantulas first and then work up the confidence to eat a fried one. So excited!

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