4 real hidden paradise of Vietnam


You just need a bit patience for exploring to find that Vietnam has a lot of beautiful and pristine paradise. Once you come here you will wish to never leave.

>> Kampot – Fruit kingdom

1. Ha Giang

The majestic landscape of Vietnamese north-pole – Ha Giang, which is worth a visit in every season. Where there are roads running up to the blue sky, where the shape of the country emerged as a map, where there are great wonders of terraces, cattle slowly wander searching for food… Ha Giang is so magnificent that tourists should never miss when coming to Vietnam.

Ha Giang not only has Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Nho Que river, Quan Ba double mountain, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, beautiful buckwheat fields like fairy tale; There is also a unique market Lui that the Mong ethnic group, black Mong, Meo, Tay … together preserve from generation to generation. There are clear eyes, the innocent smiles of ethnic baby welcome you.

Ly Son island via Viet trekking

2. Ly Son Island

The beauty of this renowned island must be experienced by your sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste.

Volcanic lava gave Ly Son a cave system and very special stone bridges. Ly son has the Cau cave, lying on the shore of white sand, made of the lava wall which are hundreds of meters high; a national relic of Hang temple that has gone through time witnessing the history up then down; To Vo port is located in the north of An Vinh village, looks like the rock bridge stretches out to the sea. On An Binh island, also known as Be Island, the Ke Cuop cave covered with a thick lava layer of tens of meters high, in front of the cave is a clear, blue water beach – an ideal place for visitors to relax, enjoy salty the sunlight and sea breezes.

Standing on the top of Thoi Loi mount, visitors can admire the whole landscape of Ly Son island, with a harmonious combination of crystal water surface, the green lush forest, and pure white sand. When it comes to Ly Son, you can enjoy all the peace of the ocean and taste the fresh seafood.

3. Ninh Thuan

Ninh Thuan has the harmonious beauty of the white sand, the sun, and the wind. Coming to Ninh Thuan, you can enjoy the waves of Ca Na, Mui Dinh, Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Chu or admire the mysterious beauty of Po Klong Garai Tower – one of the long-standing monuments has remained since the kingdom of Champa. In addition, tourist can also visit the famous textile villages of the Cham people such as My Nghiep, enjoy the sculpture art in Bau Truc pottery village, fly in freedom above Nam Cuong sand hill, challenge yourself when trekking Mount God or adventure among the immense sheep farms like the American West.

Come here, you not only admire the famous tourist attractions but also enjoy many delicious dishes such as fish soup rolls, pancakes, grapes,… Ninh Thuan is your new getaway home if you want to find peace in each wave of the sea.

Y Ty via Viet trekking

4. Y Ty

Y Ty is located at the height of over 2,000m, leaning on the mountain of 2.826m high Nhiu Co San, almost all year round covered by the cloud.

This land rarely receives sunlight for adequate 12 hours. The routes to conquer Y Ty are the zigzag paths, sometimes hidden in the leaves, several houses looming in the clouds. Perhaps, when it comes to Y Ty, many people feel like they are entering another life, separated from the normal world.

When the winter comes, this place attracts tourists by the ocean of white clouds covering the whole mountain, creating a spectacular scenery as fantasy realm. Summer brings the rain, water to this land. It is also the time when locals prepare for a new crop.

On the journey to discover Y Ty, you will see the houses of the Ha Nhi people lying among the terraced fields. Their house made of clay, that helps cool down the temperature in summer and keep warm winter. This is also a special feature of Y Ty. In addition to Ha Nhi people, Y Ty is also the inhabitant of ethnic groups like Mong, Dao, Giay … Each ethnic group has its own customs, creating a special cultural picture for the highland communes of Bat Xat district. Some attractions for travelers on this journey are Phan Dai Su, Hong Chua, Lao Chai, Sim San …

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