Celebrating Christmas in Vietnam


In Vietnam, Christmas Eve is often more important than Christmas Day. Christmas isn’t an official public holiday and many people think it’s only a holiday for Christians.

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What and When is Christmas?

Christmas, also known as Noel in some countries were once French’s colonial, is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, according to the Bible of Christians. They believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea (today is a Palestinian city), in the Roman Empire, around 7 to 2 BC.  The feast is celebrated on December 25 but usually starts from the evening of December 24th, according to the Hebrew calendar, daytime is from sunset rather than midnight. The official ceremony on December 25th is called the “main day”, while the December 24 night ceremony is called the ‘vigil‘ and usually attracts more attendees.

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The meaning of Christmas

In addition to Christianity bible, Christmas is a family holiday, a special day to gather everyone, every generation in the family. This ceremony creates common memories and maintains the love among the family members: sharing a common meal, a sleepless night, listening to a story, gathering around a Christmas tree.

Like Vietnamese New Year, for Americans, Christmas is an opportunity for the whole family to gather together. With the growing importance of children in the family, Christmas has now become a children’s celebration: a magical night in which almost every childish wish comes true in the joy of the adults.

Christmas in Vietnam

Today, in Vietnam, although not an official holiday, Christmas is generally considered a public holiday, usually held in the evening of 24 and lasts to December 25. Some companies Private businesses leave a day-off on Christmas Day. In these days, decorated Christmas trees present in many places, either natural or plastic trees, while the western countries use a variety of species. pine, spruce, sam. In the trees, people usually hang various types of decorations, but usually, there are bell rings, snowflakes, boots, gift packages and decorative lights like Western countries.

Christmas in Vietnam is a bustling cultural community. On Christmas Eve, loving couples give gifts to each other, children eagerly wait for Santa Claus, friends hanging out with each other, joining parties, karaoke, … and especially Catholics prepare to attend Mass at the parish church.

Important: Vietnamese people love Christmas songs.

The meaning of christmas emblems

Christmas tree

In vietnam, a Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as pine, or fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas.

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A Cave

During Christmas, a manger is placed in a cave erected in the house or outdoors, with a hanging image of Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, surrounded by angels, shepherds, and cattle like oxen and donkeys telling the story of the God’s birth in the manger.

Christmas Card

Since in 1843 Henry Cole (1808 – 1882), a wealthy businessman from England, asked John Callcott Horsley (1817-1903), a London painter, to design a nice card. to give his friends. In that year, Horsley released the first card in the world and then printed 1,000 copies. Christmas cards have quickly become popular in the UK for ten years since the British government passed the 1846 Act, which allowed citizens to send letters at a cheap price. Soon after that, this movement came to Germany and 30 years later the Americans accepted it.

The wreath or advent wreath

A wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs or various materials that are constructed to resemble a ring. Wreaths are used typically as household ornaments in Christmas and are often placed on the table or hang up on the entrance door for people to see, during the 4 weeks of Advent. On the wreath is placed 4 candles. This custom was initiated by the Lutherans in Germany in 1839 with 24 candles of 20 red and 4 white candles. From the First of December each one more candle was burned by each day passed.

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