8 featured gifts only exist in Cambodia


Whether you’re a frequent traveller or travelling for the first time- the dilemma is the same. What should you buy for your loved ones back home?

When it comes to Cambodia, you may think about fried spider, scorpion, grasshopper,…However, after this article you may think again what souvenir should take back home.

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This is probably the souvenir that chosen by most of the tourists when in Cambodia – the country of temple tower. Because the krama is extremely diverse in color, in addition, this kind of scarf is so useful that it can protect you from sunlight or in the cold season. Most importantly, the price of a silk scarf is affordable, at the market, usually, small businesses will say $ 3 to $ 5 for one. But you can own a krama for $ 2 if you know how to bargain. That’s not all, if you know bargain skill and buy a lot (about 10), the cost may down to 1.5 $. Is it worth considering?

Dried fruits.

With the tropical climate, the fruits in Cambodia. are extremely diverse. In addition to fresh fruit, the land of tower pagoda also drying, packaging fruits which crazily impress tourists..

In the markets, you can find various kinds of dried fruit. A package of them is about 200 to 300 grams. All of them are vacuum packaged, very delicious and sweet. Typically, the price of these bags is less than $ 1 / pack.

Palm Sugar via Brenna Abroad

Palm sugar

The Palm tree is very popular in Cambodia and very important to the locals. Utilizing available ingredients, people use palm leaves, fruits, branches, … to make dishes and most importantly, sugar. Palm sugar is not only used in the daily life of the Cambodian but also a special gift showing the hospitality, appearing on special occasions.

Palm sugar is usually clamped or wrapped in dry thyme, or canned in a paper. The price is only $ 1 – $ 2 for 3 small bags. Overall very convenient to buy brought back.

Silver and silver-plated items

In large, open-air markets of Cambodia, there are a lot of silver-plated and silver jewelry for sale which is handcrafted quite sophisticated.  You can find here various items from bracelets, bowls, cups, jewelry trays to Buddha statues.

In general, these items are very eye-catching, however, these counters are selling silver and silverplated items at the same time, so apart from asking the seller, tourists have no choice but distinguish them by visual feelings. Prices are varied, but of course, they can be bargained. You can bargain down from 30% to 50% off, it depends on how you use your sweet words.


Travel to Cambodia, go to the markets, especially in Siem Reap, you will see countless stalls selling sausages. This is also a favorite dish of this country. Cambodian sausages are made from free-grazing cows, which are low in fat and have a sweet and fleshy flavor. Beef sausage mannually made into small, firm blocks. Each block contains a lot of meat, the typical sour flavor characterizes it and makes it stand out from other products. If you want to buy sausage, tell the sellers how much you want (in weight) the sellers will weigh, cut sausage into small blocks and vacuum packaged them for you.

T shirt via Brenna Abroad

Dried fish

One of the most recommended dishes in Cambodia is fish. Because the fishing industry is very developed, the amount of shrimp and fish here are diverse and always fresh. But for presents, visitors cannot buy fresh fish then bring them back home. That is why dried fish is a perfect choice. In the grocery stores, dried fish is sold a lot, and the types are often chosen by tourists as dry snakehead fish, dried fish chok.


A colorful or one-color T-shirt with a symbol of tourist destination is always affordable that many people choose to buy as gifts for relatives. Cambodia is no exception. The price for a T-shirt with a symbol of Angkor Wat ruins ranges from 2$- 3$. Maybe, a shirt with funny slogans like “No tuk tuk today and tomorrow” is more interesting and more attractive to you. This is a very worthwhile reference!

Tea powder, seasoning powder

Along at the grocery store, candies stall, you will find a lot of tea powder from green tea, lotus powder tea to the purse of seasoning such as spicy ginger, pepper, powdered spices cook Amok flavor.  Prices are less than $ 1 for 1 or 2 small bags. These bags are beautifully packaged and very comfortable to carry with you.

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