Top 5 attractive food in Laos

Lao is known as a country of peace. Everything in Laos is so simple, so people come to Laos would have a better feeling. Besides famous with attractive destination, Laos also is famous with cuisine. This article would show you top 5 attractive food in Laos

1. Klao niaw (sticky rice)

Rice is a very important food in Laos and Southeast Asia. If the meal does not have rice, people would feel very hungry. For a various kind of rice such as Khao Chao rice and Khao poon rice, sticky rice is the most popular. Deinla chef of Phu Doi restaurant in Luang Prabang shared the secret to making perfect sticky rice “you should soak the sticky rice overnight before using, then rinse with several times by a bamboo basket before steaming “. In addition, coming to Laos, you will also be attracted by Khao Lam sticky rice (sticky rice will be put inside a bamboo tube and baked under the fire).

Sticky rice

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2. Laap

In Laos, Laap (also known as lam la) means luck, which symbolizes the wish of peace. Ingredients for the dish can be beef, pork, chicken, and so on. These ingredients would be mixed with chopped liver and spices as lettuce, lettuce, cowpea. All of these would make a super-attractive taste. The taste of lime juice, the spicy chili, the aroma of spices would make visitor an unforgettable experience

This dish is so popular and available from luxurious restaurants to every normal restaurant throughout Laos


3. Tam Mak Houng

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Papaya salad in Laos is called Tam Maak Houng. Papaya is chosen as not too green but not nearly ripened. After the papaya is scraped into yarn, it will be put into the mortar to lightly pound. Spices include lime juice, shrimp paste, paprika, pepper, chili. When eating the Laos papaya salad, the aroma of spices with sour taste will bring to the guests’ taste is not like any of this dish is sold anywhere else. Most restaurants, eateries in Laos have this dish.

Ideal ways to eat Tam Mak Houng is eating with beer.

Tam Mak Houng

4. French crispy bread

Due to the long period of French colonialism, French cuisine is also popular in Laos, and can be easily found everywhere, especially in restaurants in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Especially, French crunchy bread or baguette is a popular Lao breakfast. Lazy people often dip a baguette in milk coffee to eat, or eat with fried eggs or stuff them in like sandwiches.


5. Khausoy

Khausoy is a famous dish in Luang Phrabang, the outside look is similar to noodles but the ingredients are much simpler and the taste is  very delicious. The khausoy water is only filtered and boiled for large noodles. Then, pour water and noodles into bowl, sprinkle on top, served with vegetables, spinach, dried onion, pepper, chili paste. Khausoy is the most important ingredient of this dish, made from pureed pork mixed with garlic, tomatoes, spices of all kinds.

Tips to discover Lao’s cuisine

If you are interested in learning how to cook Lao food, there are many cooking centers in Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

• To experience more culinary styles and how to create food resources in Laos, you can visit organic farms in Vang Vieng.
• Sylvie, a Japanese chef from Japan who has lived in Laos since 1996, is the owner of Coconut Garden Restaurant (Luang Prabang) and Kua Lao (Vientiane), which will provide you with delicious delicacies of Lao cuisine.
• Phu Doi Restaurant at Kiridara (Luang Prabang) is an ideal place for you to enjoy both Lao delicacies and Phou Si mountain views.
• For those who love street food, do not miss a small alley on the west side of Luang Prabang night market, commonly known as “Street Food”. Here, you will be spoiled for delicious dishes of Laos cuisine at extremely cheap prices.

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