Special Foods in Quang Binh

Special Foods in Quang Binh

Soup Porridge (Cháo canh)

Chao Canh is one of the special food in Quang Binh. This dish is the most favourite breakfast for the local people. The ingredients are quite familiar included: Snakehead fish, shrimps, pork. When serving guests, porridge soup is sprinkled onions, cilantro and sliced fragrant. It is served with shredded green cabbage. Inspite of the simple ingredients, the flavour is truly amazing.

Soup Porridge

Shrimp and Pork Clear Dumplings (Bánh bột lọc)

Loc cake comes from Hue, Dong Ha and then spreads to Quang Binh. In Quang Binh, it is added new flavors and become a special dish of this province. This cake is covered in banana leaves. Its stuffing is shrimps and braised pork. Using with chili sauce will bring a stunning flavour in your mouth. The ingredients are very simple included: cassava powder, river shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and some spices only from the local garden which is why its flavour is different from others. Everyone coming to Phong Nha wants to try and buy the cake as a gift.

Shrimp and Pork Clear Dumplings

Sea foods

Only with a small coal stove, guests can quickly enjoy seafood in many restaurants in Quang Binh province such as fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, snails … in two ways, depending on the baking and steaming requirements.

Oyster soup

The province is well-known for various dishes made from oysters. Fresh oysters caught from Nhat Le river are processed into different dishes such as fried oysters clamped in rice papers, oyster sour soup, etc. It would be incomplete when visiting Phong Nha without enjoying oyster soupl.

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