What you should know about Laos

Lao is one of the three Indochinese countries and this country is also a best friend of Vietnam. Sometimes, Laos is called as “ The million elephant country”. The country brings a romantic and gentle beauty of Mekong river. At Laos, Mekong river is considered as a valuable jewelry that has not been discovered by travelers other the world.

Lao’s history is mentioned by the love story of King Pha Ngam and  Cambodia’s princess Kieu Lac.  At first, he used to be a violent, devout who can kill anyone – did not listen to him. However, everything changed after marrying the princess who was deeply influenced by Buddhist religion. By the love of Princess and Buddha religion, the king changed his attitude, behavior and become the best King ever. Passing  up and down of difficult previous in Laos history;  finally, on December 2, 1957, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic was founded, and it is also the day of the Independence Day of Laos, the capital of Vientiane.

Thai people

>> Advance:  The One Pillar Pagoda (Vietnamese:Chùa Một Cột, formally Diên Hựu tự  , which litterally means “long lasting happiness and good luck”) is a historic Buddhist temple in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam

About Laos

– Political regime: The Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
– Laos, being the unique country in Southeast Asia, do not have the sea (Sea-Free). The north is the border with China.  The south is the border with Cambodia.  The east is border with Vietnam, and the west is Myanmar
– Laos has an area of 236,800 km2 with a population of more than 6 million (2009) using the official language is Lao (pronunciation is almost Thai).
– Laos has three main ethnic groups: Lao-Loum (57%), Lao-Theung (34%), Lao-Loung (9%)
– On religion, the majority of Lao Buddhists accounted for 67%, Christian 1.5%, other religions 31.5%.

Tourist climate

Laos has three distinct seasons

Laos weather

– The hot season from March to May, temperature can be up to 40 ° C, so consider if you want to travel to Lao in this season

– The rainy season is from May to October, due to frequent rain and temperatures around 30 ° C.  The rainy season in Lao is so beautiful with color insect and the beautiful leaf of plans

– The dry season from November to March, less rain and temperatures around 15 ° C, or down to 0 ° C in mountainous areas at night. This is the coolest weather of the year, less rainy and also the festival season in Laos. During this time visitors to Laos are very crowded and the “peak tourist” season. The most attractive destination in this season is Mekong River. Mekong River at dry season is so beautiful with clean water and with the boat, you can go further.

Move in Laos

Tuk Tuk
– Public transport has not yet developed, taxis are only available in big cities but not much because of Laos people do not have to pay import tax so most of Laos people buy cars. So, you can use Tuk Tuk ( a type of transportation)

–  Travel along the Mekong River in Laos is one of the ways to discover the living of  Laos people in the closest way. The regular route is the round-trip between Vientiane and Luang Prabang or the Luang Prabang – Huay Xai route. These ships usually depart in the morning, prices are usually not too high but may change seasonally.

Tourist attractions

– The famous destination for travel and entertainment is Vientiane capital, Luang Prabang, Pakse City, Luang Namtha City, Savanakhet City

– Famous tourist attractions in Laos: Vieng Xai, Pak Ou cave, Wat Phu, Pha That Luang, Wat Xieng Thong, Chum fields, Si Phan Don waterfall, Vang Vieng resort Bokeo Nature Reserve, Tham Kong Lo Cave, Mekong River …

Mekong River

Customary habits

– Religions and beliefs in Laos are highly appreciated, so Monks in this country are considered very important
– When entering the temple, worship area or when entering the house of the Lao, guests must remove shoes, sandals to the outside, dress up properly and especially women not to wear clothes too short.
– Monks are not allowed to touch women, so if you’re a woman, don’t become too close to monks and avoid sitting in front of monks on public transport.
– Avoid discussing religious and political issues with Laotian and when greeting each other, they usually greet by waving, especially the customary handshake practice is not common in Laos.
– Customs – Young men have to go to practice once in a lifetime. They like rubbing children’s heads, not liking strangers to come in and touching objects. On Laotian Buddhist holidays do not kill, the market does not sell meat and poultry meat nobody eats these days.


Laotian currency is “Lao Kip”, which stands for “Lak”, which means “₭”.
The Thai Bath and the US Dollar are widely used foreign currencies and are the most convertible foreign currency in Laos. Note, automatic teller machines are not used and believed in Laos.

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